Elevating businesses through
strategic solutions
Elevating businesses strategically

farmer revolution

Revolutionising farming landscape

Empowering farmers by designing experiences around farm equipment management and use
smart city thumb

Smart City Platform

A design that enables seamless management of intelligent environments for the smart city initiatives of Bangkok.
supply chain management

Transforming supply chain management for growth

Effectively mitigating operational risks in the food procurement industry to ensure safety, quality and reliability

Pioneering connected vehicle experiences


Out of 10

The satisfaction ratings given by users

Qualitative comments we are receiving are similar to the likes of world-class experiences.

Curation of pivotal experiences designed

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  • Enterprise
  • B2C
  • Design systems
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  • Fintech
  • Supply chain
  • Cybersecurity
loan application
Loan application made easy

Streamlining your financial journey through new-age customer

firewall management
Firewall management holistically governs network security

Redesign of enterprise app led to a 20% increase in user adoption

improve product efficiency
Increasing product efficacy by 60% in product lifecycle management

Simplified experience designed for a multi-tenant environment

Mitigating supply chain risk through smart event watch

Mitigating complex multi-tier supply chain risks through smart app

peel works
Boosting efficiency in consumer retail supply chain

Empowering kirana stores to maximise the profits

Improving customer engagement for increased conversions

Seamless experience for the elderly through design

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