In A Nutshell

Procurant is a cloud-based software platform for retail procurement and order management in fresh foods. A product that provides a platform to buyers and sellers to connect, communicate and expand business growth through a single platform. The platform uses IoT, Blockchain and Mobility to support traceability and safety across the fresh food supply chain. We helped Procurant work towards building an experience - a unique solution that would relieve the burden on supply chain management.

Defining The Problem

In the food procurement industry, the products have a shorter shelf-life, thus delivering the right products in the strict timelines becomes critical. Procurant offers a unique solution, bridging the gap between buyers and sellers.

The users of this platform apart from buyers and sellers also include suppliers, transporting companies and related profiles, warehouses. This multi-player user base translates into diverse needs. Each player in the ecosystem has a different nomenclature and taxonomy of the products. Providing design solutions for a singular platform that would address the needs of all the players in the supply chain was a challenge.

Some of the problems our design team worked on-

Tight management of perishable products

Just-in-time inventory management. The right food products to be delivered in the strict timelines.

Streamlining the management, tracing and tracking of products.

  • Access to real-time data which is available to all the players, helping users make faster, more informed decisions.
  • UX design solutions to match user behavior and patterns derived from the insights, to help users transition into and adapt fast. e.g. – Quick and easy on-boarding processes.
  • An optimized inventory management process.
  • Every piece of information uploaded on the platform is accessible by all, so that the source of truth is not lost.
  • The design team worked on multiple modules of varying complexities and duration, including – Product Catalog, Supplier DB and Logistics.
  • We delivered consistent user interfaces across all channels starting with defining a Design Language System (DLS) for the client.
Business Benefits

Overall reduction in time, effort and stress of finding buyers

Access to real-time data induces transparency

Clarity on market purchase patterns, increase business efficiency by 24%

Substantial decrease in spoilage waste

21% Profitability increased by flexibility in pricing strategy

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