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Design can speak the tongue of art with the force of commerce.

Use our unique tool to identify and gauge the UX requirements of your business.
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Design is an opportunity to continue telling the story,
not just to sum everything up

Principles of Human Cognition and it’s influence on design

Have you ever wondered how you can influence the audience with your design? It will happen with your awareness about common principles of human cognition. With knowledge of these, designers can make better design decisions. Weighing different solutions requires designer to understand users’ needs and requirements.
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Design rationale is your only armour – Part 1

Nakul Pathak
As an interaction designer your primary responsibility is to ensure that your designs meet the business goals as well as users needs and expectations. Business stakeholders may not know the nuances of design but would show zealous participation in design reviews.
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The magic of design thinking

Anureet Kaur
Every problem in this world is an opportunity in itself and the reasons why individuals struggle solving their problems is because 95% of them are thinking of solutions rather than thinking about the problem.
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Want to grow as a designer? Spend most of your time thinking about how it works, as opposed to how it looks

Use our unique tool which is designed for UX professionals to gauge their career path in the design industry. Let’s map your career graph!

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A yearning to make things better, an earnest mind that is curious to learn and get things moving, the drive to change things and lead with their thoughts and actions. An overall positive outlook in thought and speech.
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