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This competition invites participants to explore the multifaceted world of ‘Agentic AI’.

AI Agents are  intelligent systems programmed to navigate their environments, make decisions and accomplish goals autonomously, free from human intervention. Unlike traditional AI where prompts are necessary for responses, AI agents operate independently, driven by goals rather than inputs.

In an Agentic UX, an AI Agent pulls weight across 3 categories:

Cognitive: The built in agent pulls analysis and decision-making weight

Creative: The built in agent takes on visualization and media creation weight

Logistical: The built in agent takes tasks on operation and workflow weight

First part

Identify AI use cases and examine the cognitive, creative and logistical burdens placed on the user's shoulders, or, more broadly, the places where they are most alone.

Second part

Analyse the 'ripple effects' of these AI use cases, considering ethical concerns, biases, privacy, security risks, trust and psychological impacts on humans. This competition aims to showcase innovative AI applications while fostering a thoughtful discussion on their far-reaching cascading effects.

What's in store for you

  • Cash prizes up to INR 1 lakh
    Cash prizes up to
    INR 1 Lakh
  • A chance to fund your ideas
    A chance to fund
    your ideas
  • Internship opportunity
  • Get career advice from leaders
    Get career advice
    from leaders
  • one to one with industry experts on a live webinar
    A 1:1 with industry
    experts via webinar
  • Connect with the design community at our annual event
    Connect with the
    design community
  • Get showcased on YUJ socials
    Get showcased on
    yuj socials
  • Flaunt a certificate and a badge
    Flaunt a certificate
    and a badge
submission guideline heading

This segment outlines what we are looking for. Read the guidelines carefully before submitting.

  • Participants must create use cases for Agentic AI, addressing the three pointers explained in the theme
  • Explain how AI can bring about changes in the system and help businesses generate more revenue.
  • Analyze the ripple effects of AI and propose solutions to tackle them.
  • Create an account on the UXplorer portal and add your individual and project details.
  • If you wish to submit more than one project, you will have to create a new account for each project.
  • Group submissions (more than one person) are accepted. Any one member (group leader) can create the account.
  • The file size has be to 10 MB or less. If it is exceeding the required size you need to upload it on the google drive and provide us the link.
  • The project must contain full names and email IDs of each participant.
evaluation criteria

We have stringent criteria in place to eliminate bias or discrimination from the entire evaluation process.

  • AI Use Cases: Only use cases of Agentic AI will be considered for evaluation
  • Originality of Idea: Project concept should be unique and creative
  • Experience Design: Following user centred design methodology and design principles
  • Disruptiveness/ Innovation: Novelty and potential to disrupt existing norms or practices
  • Impact: Projected positive & significant impact on stakeholders and users.
  • Presentation Quality: Clarity, coherence, and professionalism demonstrated in the project
  • Final Recommendation: Acknowledgment on why your entry deserves to be the winner of UXplorer24
Terms Conditions

Read and understand the terms and conditions carefully. They are applicable throughout the tenure of the Design Challenge.

  • The UXplorer design competition is only for students.
  • Participants must be at least 18 years of age or older.
  • Plagiarized entries will result in immediate disqualification.
  • If the submitted entry belongs to a third party, the participant is solely responsible for obtaining permission.
  • We may publish your entry on our website, ensuring it does not breach any third-party confidentiality agreements.
  • We will not be liable for any misinterpreted entry, design, or content.
  • All the entries should be submitted before 15 Aug 2024
  • In case of any issues you can email us at

Partner institutions

UXplorer’23 winners

  • sara
    Sara Sanwal
  • Arya
    Arya Bhushan
‘Zook’ Delhi Technological University
  • Rahul Rajpurohit
    Rahul Rajpurohit
‘Alo’ MIT Institute of Design, Pune
  • Priyansh Singara
    Priyansh Singara
  • Nachiket Nayagaonkar
    Nachiket Nayagaonkar
‘Glowfield’ NMIMS School of Design
  • Adrika
    Adrika Mishra
‘HI’ Delhi Technological University

UXplorer’22 winners

  • Rishikesh
    Rishikesh Choudhary
  • Harsh
    Harsh Potphode
‘Minus’ Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati
  • Akanksha Bhatt
    Akanksha Bhatt
  • Siddharth Darapuri
    Siddharth Darapuri
‘Minus’ National Institute of Design, R & D Campus
  • Suchir Sharma
    Suchir Sharma
  • Ruchira Borhade
    Ruchira Borhade
‘Ripple’ Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati
  • Trinh
    Trinh Thien Ngan
  • Nguyen Thanh Binh
    Nguyen Thanh Binh
‘UNDO’ Osaka University, Japan
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