UXplorer 2022 Winners

Rishikesh Aryan Choudhary, Harsh Potphode

Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati

Rishikesh Aryan Choudhary,
Harsh Potphode
Akanksha Bhatt, Siddharth Darapuri

National Institute of Design, R & D Campus

Akanksha Bhatt,
Siddharth Darapuri
Sourajit Bhattacharjee, Vedika Basarkar

Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati

Ruchira Borhade,
Suchir Sharma
Trinh Thien Ngan &Nguyen Thanh Binh

Osaka University, Japan

Trinh Thien Ngan,
Nguyen Thanh Binh
Special Mention

About UXplorer'22

Organized by YUJ Designs, UXplorer’22 offers an excellent platform for students to exhibit their elegant, human-centred product ideas. The purpose is to encourage and promote designs that drive industry growth and enrich human lives. This competition is among the most unique design competitions and participation in UXplorer will furnish you with one of the most desired awards in the UX industry. This design challenge is open to students from around the world.

The Theme

Social media is being perceived as a source of happiness today, but it often leads to stress and anxiety. And since we end up checking our phones every 4 minutes, 344 times a day, digital wellness has become more important than ever.

Digital wellness refers to being physically, socially, and emotionally healthy in world dominated by apps and technology.

The biggest challenge therefore is to Design for Digital Wellness to:

  • Safeguard sanity in a hyperconnected world
  • Strike a balance between the real and reel life
  • Minimize information overload

Award Program

UXplorer‘22 gives you plenty of reasons to participate. Awards, accolades, and more. Know what’s in store for you.

Selected by a jury of UX experts, the winning entries could win cash prizes up to INR 1 lakh and get a chance to get the product idea funded by YUJ Designs to make it a reality.

The winners will be announced on 9th September 2022. They will get a chance to virtually meet with other designers from the industry, and interact with the leaders.

Why should you participate?

  • Cash prizes up to INR 1 lakh

    Cash prizes up to
    INR 1 Lakh

  • A chance to fund your ideas

    A chance to fund
    your ideas

  • Internship opportunity at YUJ

    Internship opportunity
    at YUJ

  • Get career advice from leaders

    Get career advice
    from leaders

  • one to one with industry experts on a live webinar

    A 1:1 with industry experts
    via webinar

  • Connect with the design community at our annual event

    Connect with the design
    community at our annual event

  • Get showcased on YUJ socials

    Get showcased on
    YUJ socials

  • Flaunt a certificate and a badge

    Flaunt a certificate
    and a badge

Submission Guidelines

This segment outlines what we are looking for. Read the guidelines carefully to ensure your work is approved and appreciated.

  • What problem are you solving?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Describe the UX process, methodology, approach, research and testing.
  • Enlist the business, organization or user goals and how these were addressed.
  • Mention notable, unusual, or innovative user experience or digital interaction features and components.
  • Through DesignKhopcha on the UXplorer’22 portal, create an account first. You can log in with your credentials and update the project details.
  • If you wish to submit more than one project, you will need to create another account for the project.
  • Group (more than one person) submissions are accepted. Any one member can create the account.
  • The project must contain full names and email id’s of each participant.

Evaluation Criteria

We have very stringent criteria in place to eliminate bias or discrimination from the entire evaluation process.

  • Originality of the idea.
  • Problem framing definition, capturing the essence.
  • Relevance of the problem in today’s world.
  • User experience efficient, effective, memorable, learnable, error free, emotions.
  • Innovativeness of the design solution.
  • Disruptiveness challenging the status quo of businesses / industries.
  • Impact comprehensibility and emotional significance.
  • Presentation of the entry and quality of the deliverable.
  • Final Recommendation why does this entry deserve or not deserve an award.

Terms and Conditions

Please read and understand the terms and conditions carefully. They are applicable to all throughout the tenure of the Design Challenge.

  • UXplorer design competition is only for students.
  • The participants should be at least 18 years of age or above.
  • Please note that plagiarized entries will be disqualified immediately.
  • If the submitted entry belongs to a third party, the responsibility of obtaining the permission is solely of the participant.
  • All successful submission entries belong to YUJ Designs.
  • We may publish your entry on our website. Please ensure that it does not breach any third party confidentiality agreement.
  • We do not take any responsibility of any breach of IP confidentiality of the respective client or whomsoever the project belongs to.
  • We will not be liable for any misinterpreted entry, design or content.
  • In case of any issues you can email us at awards@yujdesigns.com

UXplorer Design Con 2022

UXplorer Design Con 2022, the grand finale and the biggest design conference curated by YUJ Designs. It offered UXplorer’22 winners a platform to present their ideas and showcase the solutions that won them global recognition, cash prizes, and most importantly, live interaction with our esteemed jury.

The number of registrations had doubled this year and we received entries from different countries like Egypt, Canada, France, Sri Lanka, China, Italy, and Japan. The submissions were meticulously handpicked for the design challenge. These were reviewed and judged by a 5-member jury comprising Samir Chabukswar, Founder & CEO at YUJ Designs, Prasadd Bartakke, Co-Founder & Chief Mentor at YUJ Designs, Lourd Nathan, Chief Design Officer at YUJ Designs, Elizabeth Benker, Head of Design, Trifacta at Alteryx, and Jason Holmes, UX Design Manager at Schlumberger.

Institutes that have participated in #UXplorer

Institutes that have participated in ux design competition

Why UXplorer?

Hear from the Founders
Winners Speak

UXplorer 2021 Winners

Yamini Gupta Padia, Aditya Bansal

Delhi Technological University

"Corona Kawach Abhiyaan"
Aditya Bansal,
Yamini Gupta
Kasturi Thakare, Aditi Bhatt

IIT Guwahati

"Jab Jaago Tab Savera"
Kasturi Thakare,
Aditi Bhatt
Lianne Gonsalves

Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, Mumbai

Lianne Gonsalves

UXplorer 2020 Winners

Neel Padia, Aseem Saini and Harsh Soni


"Diabetes Management
in Rural India"
Neel Padia,
Aseem Saini &
Harsh Soni
Vaishnavi Surkutwar

MIT Academy of Engineering

Vaishnavi Surkutwar
Arnav Gupta, Anshita Goel and Snehal Kumar

Delhi Technological University

Arnav Gupta,
Anshita Goel &
Snehal Kumar

UXplorer 2019 Winners

Soham Mohanty, Balgovind Shanbhag and Shantanu thorat

Avantika University

Soham Mohanty,
Balgovind Shanbhag &
Shantanu Thorat
Tejus Nagdev

NID, Gandhinagar

"Hoot Reader"
Tejus Nagdev
Chetan Manda and Anshuman Dhar

IIT, Guwahati

Chetan Manda &
Anshuman Dhar
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