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UXplorer’22 jury features design industry stalwarts

Jury unveiled for UXplorer'22; features design industry stalwarts from India and abroad

PUNE, India, Aug. 3, 2022 UXplorer’22, an incredible initiative by YUJ Designs, has been gathering a lot of momentum with an overwhelming outpouring of project submissions. After all, it is one of the biggest design challenges, and young designers from across the globe are taking note. What began as a humble endeavor in 2014 to prepare design students for the real world, has now transformed into a prestigious design challenge. As it moves towards its final phase, YUJ Designs has now unveiled the jury.

Registrations have almost doubled as compared to the previous year and we now see entries from other countries like Egypt, Canada, France, Sri Lanka, Japan, China, and Italy too. YUJ Designs has a distinguished jury, making the event truly global. Projects submitted for UXplorer’22 will now be reviewed and judged by a 5-member jury comprising:

Samir Chabukswar, Founder & CEO at YUJ Designs – Samir is the ‘Business First’ pillar of YUJ Designs with close to 30 years of experience in the design of man-machine systems and processes. He has empowered multi-domain Fortune 100 and 500 companies to establish UX practices from strategy-to-design-to-market. Samir envisions the strategy roadmap and guides customers to envisage the equilibrium of business and design.

Prasadd Bartakke, Co-Founder & Chief Mentor at YUJ Designs – A design evangelist and innovator, Prasadd has been informing design through research for more than 2 decades now to make the world understand what Serious UX is all about. He has been mentoring design teams globally to achieve design leadership while fostering a culture of UX empowerment.

Lourd Nathan, Chief Design Officer at YUJ Designs – Lourd’s 22-year-long experience stems from solid design thinking and insights resulting from the diverse projects he has handled across the globe. He has been building customer-focused teams to drive excellence and help companies serve their customers better through stellar UX.

Elizabeth Benker, Head of Design, Trifacta at Alteryx – Elizabeth helps companies build design teams and launch human-centered products. In her 20-year career as a UX expert, she’s helped over 50 companies design flagship products that work better for people. Currently, she directs UX for the Analytics Cloud Platform at Alteryx.

Jason Holmes, UX Design Manager at Schlumberger – A leader in human-centered innovation, Jason employs Design Thinking methods to deliver business value across projects and use cases. He has been mentoring his teams to develop a design mindset that’s paramount for driving user experiences that truly elevate living standards and the overall well-being of people.

Samir elaborates, “We are thrilled to have Elizabeth and Jason on the judging panel. They will bring in a fresh perspective and help us push the envelope even further through fair judgement, mentoring, and knowledge sharing. After all, UXplorer’22 is not just about winning the biggest design competition. It’s about building the next generation of UX designers whose work can engage, entice, and most importantly create an impact. Deserving candidates will get the guidance, opportunities, and funding to break down barriers in creativity and propel ideas to the next level.”

UXplorer’22 will ensure the representation of diverse designers from around the globe and the winning entries will set a benchmark for good design. UXplorer is a win-win for the design community. It has had a profound impact on the careers of past winners. While helping them define their design journeys, it has offered the world better insights and creative solutions to complex issues.

Prasadd concludes, “There has been a clear progression in quality as well as design thinking over the years. The problem identification has been on point and I am confident UXplorer’22 will offer practical solutions to help solve the digital wellness puzzle.”

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