India Today Sep 26, 2023

yuj recognized for impeccable growth leadership

Global UX Studio YUJ Designs Recognized for Impeccable Growth Leadership

The award recognizes micro, small, and medium enterprises across categories like Tech Services, Tech Products & Platforms, and Business Process Management (BPMs) that have demonstrated the ability to adapt and rapidly respond to the 2020 business disruption, all while growing exponentially in that period.

“We are honored to be recognized by NASSCOM for our growth and leadership in the tech services industry,” said Samir Chabukswar, Founder and CEO of Yuj Designs. “This award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, who have worked tirelessly to help our clients succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.”

A prominent player in the UX design industry, yuj has solidified its position as a leader through a series of innovative approaches. The company’s success can be attributed to its unique methodologies, including the implementation of quality metrics that effectively measure the excellence of design and development deliverables.

Their “Informed design” methodology enables a thorough evaluation of business impact prior to presenting design alternatives to clients, ensuring optimal outcomes. yuj’s holistic Way of Working (WoW) has helped redesign more than 600 digital products- covering up to 80% of human experiences in B2B and B2C business domains.

yuj leverages a unique experience framework, which provides a comprehensive 360-degree problem-solution approach to predict and define future experiences. With a strong focus on user and service value dimensions, yuj assists clients in developing a definitive anticipatory business, product, and experience ideas.

In the face of the 2020 business disruption, yuj quickly pivoted its business model to focus on remote work and digital transformation, thus making them the strongest contenders for the award. The company also invested heavily in its team, adding over 100 new designers in the past two years. As a result of these efforts, yuj’s revenue grew by 1.75X.

Apart from its impressive growth in revenue, yuj has also seen a significant increase in its customer base. The company has over 70% of its revenue coming from the United States. yuj has also won this award previously in 2019- a testament to their continued growth.

“We are excited to continue our growth in the United States and help more businesses succeed in the digital age.” Samir added, “We believe that our unique approach to UX design and strategic thinking gives us a competitive advantage in the market.”

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