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Creating the next-gen design leaders

Creating the next-gen design leaders

WoW Academy – Centre of Excellence: A career changing program

The vision of YUJ Designs is to become one of the leading global UX design studio. However, vision alone doesn’t work if we don’t have the right strategies to respond to the market demand. We are an agile “organism” company, that responds to business environments rapidly.

We believe UX impact on a product is as much as the talent that works on the design. In other words, the quality of the product is directly proportional to the quality of the talent driving the design initiative. The UX talent in India has studied only 20-30% relevant material in comparison to the high-quality work that happens in the professional world. As a result, young designers face a gap in their knowledge and perception of the actual form of their work. There may be higher awareness about UX design as a promising profession, but there’s a lack of good designers.

Prasadd Bartakke, Co-Founder and CDO at YUJ Designs had predicted the demand-supply gap when sharing his experience at a design conference back in 2017. In the last decade, the demand and supply of good UX designers have seen an upswing. It is a piece of good news, though the UX output is plateauing.

YUJ-Way of Working (WoW) is yet another bold strategy led by our leaders towards business and people growth, that aims at solving this problem. With this program, YUJ leaders intend to hire young design students from design colleges across India. They will help the students to bridge this knowledge gap and empower them to become industry-ready.

YUJ-WoW is a path-breaking, rigorous course – a bold step towards leading the young UX talent in the right direction, make them familiar with Serious UX, a human-centered design approach. Here is how YUJ-WoW makes a difference –

The program complements the culture at YUJ, to up-skill employees to help them meet their aspirations and chart their own growth path. The program not only increases the participants’ understanding of design but also introduces them to the management aspect of the project. The program is merely 20% knowledge sharing and 80% practical based. The participants are asked to work on projects and go through the process with pseudo-customers. This way they grasp the knowledge and implement it immediately to deliver solutions.

“The struggle a young UX professional goes through, of discovering and learning how to develop relations with customers, how to convince the stakeholders, or how to present your ideas; is eliminated in 2 months. The struggle they go through along with their team, mentors can all be avoided with this rigorous program. That’s the ROI of this program.“
– Prasadd Bartakke
Co-Founder & CDO, YUJ Designs

For the students, the gap of entering the unknown professional world is reduced to zero. Similarly for the mentors and the team. These participants are now more focused on how to deal with customers, bring out maximum ROI through informed design. They know design is about business, design is all about generating measurable impact. This is the beginning of creating the next generation of design leaders. Equipped with such a sound understanding of Serious UX at the start of their career, they will definitely make an impact on the global business world.

YUJ Designs is currently looking for passionate professionals who can create impact by design. Do visit our Careers page to find out the perfect role for you.

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