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Talent demand-supply gap: UX India 2017

'Demand-Supply gap in UX’ at UXIndia conference

“UX impact on a product is as much as the talent that works on the design. In other words, the quality of the product is directly proportionate to the quality of the talent driving the design initiative.”

1. No ‘formal’ UX background, but high on learnability! Would you hire?

It really depends. So far it has been difficult to predict if a potential UX designer would be productive in X number of months or years. In my hiring experience, the duration is minimum around 1 or 2 years. In today’s market scenario we need designers who are well-versed with fundamentals of UX, demonstrate them. Just passion for UX is not enough.

2. Processes vs. timelines, costs. How should UX practitioners convince stakeholders about the importance in UX?

Don’t go onto the battle field without a sword! It’s the failure of the Design leader for not being able to convince them with a validated solution for the situation.

3. What is your take on the designation ‘UI/UX designer’?

A user experience designer’s output is a UI. But a UI designer may not necessarily be able to deliver UX. Very few decision makers understand this difference and may proceed with a hire.

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