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YUJ-Mitra: Partners in Career Growth

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YUJ Designs is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning UX design company. YUJ has been working with multinational clients including Fortune 100 and 500 companies, helping them deliver exceptional design?

The past year 2020, has been tough on everyone. Though certain sectors did benefit from the New Norm. The new norm gave rise to digitization, working from home/ working remotely. It may not have been smooth sailing for everyone, but YUJ came out of the crisis flying. The UI UX company not only showed resilience but also showed considerable growth in numbers throughout the year?

We’re Growing

With the increase in demand for digitization and agile delivery requirements of products, YUJ delivered on the promise of agile design solutions. The organization partnered with its customers to deliver world-class experiences in stringent timelines and forged new relationships with customers from varied sectors.

And the demand for UI UX design services meant scope of increase in bandwidth. As a result, YUJ Designs is actively hiring talented and passionate UX design professionals for 92+ positions. This is no small feat!

What Matters Most – People

YUJ Designs has always been a company that gives back to the design community. Always opening a dialogue with the design thinking enablers to nudge the designer’s position at the table. YUJ Designs has announced a program that will benefit not just the company but, the community as well.

This initiative is available to all, even if you are NOT a YUJ-employee!
All you have to do is, refer talent and earn rewards!

Anyone Can Refer Anyone

The process to refer talent and become YUJ-Mitra is quite simple.
Here’s how this program works –

Read through the list of current open positions

Refer your friend to with the subject -YUJ-Mitra: Position Title

Earn a reward of Rs. 20,000/- after your referral completes 3 successful months at YUJ Designs


YUJ-Mitra, a unique referral program, is one opportunity for everyone to make a difference and inspire people through the simplest of their actions! This is an opportunity to become partners in the career growth of your friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and family. Help your peers and people from your professional network by connecting them with the opportunities you come across.

YUJ is calling upon these everyday heroes who inspire and guide others, help in their careers to land better jobs.

What matters the most today is that we are conscious and aware of the fact that we live in a community. Through YUJ-Mitra, let us strengthen our design community. Let us work together and inspire. It is about building a better world by helping each other out.

YUJ Designs is currently looking for passionate professionals who can create impact by design. Do visit our Careers page to find out the perfect role for you.

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YUJ Designs


YUJ Designs is a top-tier UX design studio in India. YUJ Designs has successfully crafted experiences for more than 150 international clients, many of them Fortune 500 companies. With a rock-solid experience of working on more than 3,000 design and research projects, we have earned a spot in the top 15 global user experience agencies. In the business of informing design strategies by a blended understanding of business ROI and user needs, our work ensures both, delightful product experience and a positive impact on the customer's top line.

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