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Experiences matter. They are the front runners of the global economy and are capable of deciding the fate of a business. So many factors affect the experience of products and services that brands offer. The list is long. Designing points of digital interaction is just one such factor, but it’s one of the most critical components of business health of a product or a service. How users experience the brand through the digital interactions, whether they gain from the engagement in the moment, find it relatable and benefit from it in the long run, all of this figures into the overall financial wellbeing of a business. This understanding of the relation between UX design and the success of a business is what sets us, YUJ Designs apart.

We believe –

A marriage between business and user goals gives birth to a great UX design.

YUJ Designs works towards holistic design solutions that businesses require to forge a future that best serves their end-users. Our multi-disciplinary, talented team leverages a human-centered approach to deliver functional and ingenious solutions. We accelerate the growth of your business by reducing the disharmony within your existing customer experience.

Combining human-centered design approach with scientifically gathered data, we understand the customers and the business with equal dedication. Our solutions are derived from the insights into customer motivations, behaviors and values as well as the business goals.

These are the pillars we focus on to elevate your customer experience:


1. User-centered Approach to Your Business Challenges

Whether you are building a standalone digital product or a connected physical product, we can help you design a User Experience in a scientific manner. Our data-driven, user-centered approach ensures that users’ experience needs are accurately understood and fulfilled. Our UX design and development team of #DesignEconomists ensure ROI for businesses, memorable experiences for users, and ease of implementing the UX.


2. Building Empathy

YUJ Design’s approach to providing memorable user experiences is by building empathy towards product users and the business. We work collaboratively to understand your vision and ambitions and how your digital ecosystem contributes to achieving your business objectives. Through qualitative and quantitative user research, our team understands users’ goals and expectations, needs and behaviours, motivations and aspirations. Equal importance is given to understand and elicit business goals, success criteria and technological feasibility.


3. Data-driven Design

We believe, that which can be measured can be improved. Therefore, our data-driven approach tailors your products’ design to users’ preferences, goals and behaviors, which make the experience far more engaging. Our design solutions are informed through various data sources – user’s psychographics, business metrics, site analytics, trends in domain, industry, technology and design best practices. Concept designs, both interaction concepts and visual concepts are validated by testing them with users before detailed design commences. This approach de-risks your designs before hitting the markets.


4. Digital and Physical Connected Experiences

Customer experiences are no longer limited to the screen, they expand in the physical world. We see experience as a continuum in user’s life and strive to design a seamless experience across devices and spaces. We also make sure that these interactions come to life by using our technological expertise.


5. Design for Impact

We strive for one thing – creating Impact by design. Facilitating human experiences is our specialty. Our designs change the way businesses operate, creating visible value for end users and our clients. We believe that good UX must make business sense and boost your ROI on design.

Being a top-tier UX design studio with presence in India & San Jose, U.S.A., we have a substantial experience of working on design & development projects. YUJ Designs has successfully crafted B2B, B2C, B2B2C experiences.

Despite hordes of UX design studios routinely listing user-centered designs as one of their top services, many companies still struggle to reflect it through their work. Our experience designing across a wide range of domains has helped us acquire knowledge of user interactions, behavior and tasks providing us with a wide-lens view of users’ lives. This multi-domain knowledge helps our designers understand any domain faster, and helps them build richer experiences for your users. Fostering partnerships that are open and progressive with clients, is the starting point for our culture and the work we create.

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YUJ Designs


YUJ Designs is a top-tier UX design studio in India. YUJ Designs has successfully crafted experiences for more than 100 international clients, many of them Fortune 500 companies. With a rock-solid experience of working on more than 2,000 design and research projects, we have earned a spot in the top 15 global user experience agencies. In the business of informing design strategies by a blended understanding of business ROI and user needs, our work ensures both, delightful product experience and a positive impact on the customer's top line.

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