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Cybersecurity may be complex, the solutions need not be

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Cybersecurity is a complex domain

Hardly a day goes by without reading news about a data breach or a malware attack. The proportions of these incidents have grown so much that from attacking databases of banks, money laundering we are now reading news about nations possibly using online intrusion in their geopolitical battles. With these proliferating threats across the web, and the need to go digital in today’s world has company executives and leaders hunting for methods to safeguard the IT infrastructure.

Cybersecurity products provide help to businesses in several ways such as:

1. Protection for your business, keeping your data safe
2. Increased productivity of your IT infrastructure
3. Customer trust and confidence increases with safe and resilient ecosystems

ux in cybersecurity which impacts the customer engagement

Cybersecurity products and solutions may be robust but, it is essential that the users of these products understand the system and perform the primary functions efficiently. The users must understand and comply with the fundamental data security principles like choosing strong passwords, being wary of attachments in email, and backing up data, etc.

One of the major causes of cybersecurity attacks is attributed to human deficiency in using these products. Deficiencies can be in the form of limited understanding of the products’ capabilities, hard to find features/functions, and difficult to perform tasks, forcing humans to commit irreversible errors. Such human errors could be minimized in the future by using AI in cybersecurity products, but AI cybersecurity is in its infancy, so until AI becomes a robust solution, humans will have to make critical decisions.

They must get the measure of the information displayed on the dashboards and take appropriate actions right away. The information about threats, critical alerts, analytics of multiple devices – these and many other fragments of information is necessary to be viewed and assessed. This is no easy feet. The user can easily feel overwhelmed and face loss of productivity due to delays in response.

Impact of user experience design

We believe people don’t buy products, they buy experiences. User experience design can help one enhance the experience of cybersecurity products with the data-driven approach. UX is at the intersection of technology and business, applying design thinking can help bridge the gap.

Cybersecurity has risen to be a necessity in this digital age. Network Security is paramount within any organisation. Cybersecurity being a complex, adaptive system, the user feels restricted resulting in a non-enthusiastic outlook towards cybersecurity. Here are some of the ways in which UX can help –

– Minimise human error

To err is human, and when humans engage with user interfaces withholding complex information, errors happen. UX can pre-empt these patterns and design to prevent the human error.

– Improve discoverability and comprehension

UX considers the users’ mental models, knowledge base and capabilities to design better and understandable workflows that not only appear seamless but also reduce onboarding and/or training costs.

– Improved product usage

UX can help businesses create products that have been designed keeping in their attributes and journey in mind. This facilitates improved usage with increase the users’ efficiency.

– Bringing in New Customers

Competitive costs, better features and enhanced user experience can become your differentiating points to increase new customer database.

– User Adoption

Our seamless UX design solutions ensure higher User Adoption, reducing time & efforts on user training

– Building Trust

A well crafted user experience coupled with user behaviour analytics data strengthens customer satisfaction, helps build confidence in the products and increase customer lifetime value in the long run.

User experience design is a decisive force in the success of security solutions

Hassle-free, fairly non-restrictive experience and seamless integration with users’ workflow should be the fundamental objective of design. It is all about transforming cybersecurity solutions into something radically simple. The effectiveness of cybersecurity products depends on the users’ ability and willingness to use it.

– Pro-tip: Adopt strategies for efficient integration and intelligent information management. User-sensitive approaches to enhance the product experiences, to generate Brand preference among customers will help businesses reap the rewards.

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