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Boost your conversions through UX design

A comprehensive guide
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Conversion boost is the main goal of every business in every sector. In fact, this goal is the motivation behind starting any business. Also, a business can sustain in the market only if this goal is achieved every time. Businesses are implementing various strategies for conversion rate optimization. UX optimization assists in creating a great on-site experience. This rich experience staged by UX design tools, brings them to your website or app repetitively with new goals each time. Thereby increasing the business conversions.

What is UX Design?

Most of the people have heard the term ‘UX Design’, but very few of them know about it in detail and very few realize the beauty of UX conversion rate. So, what is user experience? UX or user experience is how a user feels when interacting with an application or website. If the users feel happy and satisfied after using your product, they tend to use it and stay on it. Thus, a great user experience design gives a boost to the business conversions.

At YUJ Designs, we have come up with a unique way to boost conversions of our clients’ businesses. Our CRO-RED method combines the ‘what’ of data science to the ‘why’ of design to pack a power punch to boost your conversions. How? We do it through our conversion rate optimization service. We believe – conversion through design is a continuous process.

“If your User Experience Design is not optimized and just exists, you will eventually hit a wall.”

Optimizing UX Honeycomb to Optimize Conversion Rate:

The UX honeycomb is a tool, which explains the different dimensions of user experience design:
  • Simple – The UX design should guide users to perform the intended tasks on the app. It should clarify how the product is going to solve their problems.
  • Useful – When a UX design makes your product useful, it is actually a great design. The more useful your product is, the better the experience it gives.
  • Usable – UX design should make your product usable i.e. increase the ease of use of the interaction of the product. Since usability can be measured and is essential, it plays a significant role in boosting your conversions.
  • Findable – A great design has a great navigation structure and objects that are easy to locate. In short, a good UX design guides users to find what they need, at the right time and perform the intended tasks without delays, hasslefree.
  • Accessible – The website or app should be accessible to everyone, even the disabled persons. And a great UX design makes it possible, which increases your user base and also the conversions. Inclusive design approach breaks down the barriers and makes the design accessible to a wider user base.
  • Credible – The UX design of your product should make it credible, i.e. it should make your users trust and believe what is being told to them. The interaction, the design and the entire experience should motivate the user to take the desired action.
  • Valuable – A great design creates digital products that deliver value to the end-users. Such valuable websites or applications help in boosting your conversions.

A study done by Forrester says that, “Companies that invest in UX design see a lower customer acquisition cost, lower support cost, increased customer retention, customer loyalty and increased market share.”

The UX Design process followed at YUJ to Boost Conversions


Our quantitative research guides us on users’ navigation behavior, users’ actions and obstacles in their goal fulfilment. Quantitative data is supported by our qualitative research that results in a critical point analysis of user behavior.


We analyze this quantitative and qualitative data through data triangulation, which gives us deep insights into the user behavior. These insights and data points help us to build hypotheses that progress our clients’ business goals and create directions for the design.


Using the hypotheses, we start the design execution phase where we create several alternatives of designs. We make sure that these designs are in line with the UX principles. We keep tracking if these design efforts match the business as well as the user goals.


In this step, we test the designs with the internal stakeholders as well as the real users. Thus, we get information about users, their needs, wants, likes and feelings. If they find the interaction and design of the app usable, and functional.


We use different tests to analyze the designs based on which we modify and/ or iterate the designs. We recognize the gaps between current design and desired design. Then we bridge this gap by making the design usable and desirable. This is how the UX optimization takes place.


We believe that boosting business conversions through UX honeycomb, UX design tools is a continuous and an iterative process. Therefore, after implementing designs we follow up on workings and the impact of the design. If needed, we improvise the interactions across your product or business so that we can make a big difference to the business bottom line.

At YUJ, we create the designs that give competitive advantage. We believe that not only optimizing designs but also UX optimization of solutions is equally important. So, through our CRO-RED method, we boost the business conversions for you and give your business an edge over your competitors.

“A poor UX design can potentially harm your conversion rate.”

UX Optimization

To wrap up, great user experience design can lead to great results. Therefore, businesses must treat UX design as important as increasing sales, business strategy, improving customer service or corporate culture. It is necessary for sustainability of the business and the success graph of the business. To achieve the set goals, the entire organization should ideally focus on UX conversion. Once you have engaged users by creating positive user experience, conversions get a boost by 5x to 10x.

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