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YUJ Designs joins the Reddot league

Recognized for our work in connected mobility.
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Reddot winner

We are thrilled to share the moment of utmost pride! YUJ Designs is recognized as a Reddot Winner 2020 for the project Tata EV mobile application, under the category of Brand and Communication Design.

YUJ Designs has had a successful run in its first decade from 2009-2019. When we celebrated the 10th year anniversary we pledged to aim for bigger and bolder impact. And we couldn’t have imagined or dreamt it any better ourselves!

The Reddot Award is an international design competition of the highest calibre in the field of design. Once a year, international design experts come together to evaluate and recognize the works of some of the best design studios internationally. Over 10,000 design professionals, companies and organizations from more than 70 countries enter the competition for this very prestigious award each year.

The Reddot is internationally acclaimed as the Oscars of the design world and established as one of the most sought-after seals of quality for good design. Standing true to their motto “In search of good design and creativity” Reddot is fiercely competitive. This honor is awarded to our winning entry for the year 2020, after competing with 6992 other entries by some of the best design studios.

YUJ Designs has always delivered the highest of the value through the design solutions. Winning an award and the global appreciation proved to be an additional testament to the high-quality of work and transformational thinking of the YUJ team.

End-to-end User-centered Design

The winning entry

In 2019, Tata Motors entered the market of new-generation electric and connected vehicle solutions for the ASEAN market. As their design partners, we were entrusted to ensure that the connected app platform becomes successful through a seamless experience.

The digital and physical connected experience that we delivered performed exceptionally well. It enabled users to control key car functions remotely, safely, securely in the most convenient way. The primary objective was to provide a ubiquitous app experience so that the interaction of the app does not become an impediment to the primary task of driving.

Tata EV being a ground-breaking, first-of-its-kind app in India, we decided to shape the experience and value first. Samir Chabukswar, envisioned the experience of the app to be world-class from the beginning, established a uniform vision that trickled down to the levels of detailed design, through each designer and individual that worked on making this idea a reality.

The design approach was formulated based on four main design principles, that guided all designs and interactions, to make this collaboration efficient:

1. Convenience and ubiquitous:

80% of the driving functions are ONE-touch available directly from the landing screen. The visual language of the app caters to a wide range of users with different levels of literacy, utilizing the power of the universality of icons.

2. Safety and security:

The typical usage of a car in an Indian household is through sharing where the safety and security of loved ones are important. The design lets users control speed, distance of travel through geofence, and valet mode. The app provides critical safety features such as immobilize, geofence breach, valet mode limiting speed and distance.

3. Influencing driving behavior:

Users care about their car health and are concerned about mileage and maintainability. One of the major reasons for low mileage and condition of the car is the driver behavior. By providing users with driving behavior data (acceleration, braking, cornering), the design persuaded users to critically look at their driving patterns and change behavior.

4. Intelligence:

The platform automatically detects threats, accidents, and other incidents to alert owners to take action, also sends automatic messages to emergency contacts in case of crash, theft, or SOS.

A good design agency is also a good integrator

As we always claim, it is the impact of design that benefits both business and users. And that is what we achieve through our designs. As the gatekeepers of great end-user experience, we ensured a connected and safe experience, successfully delivering the app in just under four months.

The app is just released in the market and is already scoring 4.5 on the app store. It’s in the news, advertisements and has become one of the key contributors to help our client’s green initiative. A huge feet for an app that is successfully convincing the customers to buy and recommend the EV technology to more people.

Our design firm had a design + development squad who worked pixel to pixel — code to code to ensure the telemetric control unit, the servers and the vehicle control units gave the quickest response and seamless experience in the hands of the users. User experience parameters (like response time from app to car control unit and car function) was a major impact for rolling out the product.

The satisfaction ratings – 9.5/10 and qualitative comments we are receiving are similar to the likes of world-renowned apps – Tesla and BMW.

The win at Reddot 2020 puts us among the league of some of the most ingenious and influential brands of the world that include Google, IBM, Kia Motors – Germany, AUDI AG, Philips, SAP, and Samsung, just to name a few.

The achievement demonstrates our conviction and commitment to elevate user experience to higher levels of quality. We aim to humanize the experience with the right design and technology handshake. Samir Chabukswar, CEO and Founder of YUJ Designs is thrilled about the Reddot win. He is excited to share his experience of the project, working with his team and how special this recognition is for YUJ Designs.

You can view more details of the award-winning project here – Connected Electric Vehicle Experience.

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