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Opportunity knocks your door only once

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They say “Opportunity knocks your door only once” for me it’s the opposite, I believe opportunities are everywhere, you just got to pick the right one for yourself! In our day to day life no one asks us about what exactly would we want to do in our careers and what are our aspirations, what is it that we want to achieve (especially at our workplace). But @YUJ, every individual is given a chance to work on projects and domains he/she is most interested in, so that they can bring out their best on the table.

YUJ has it all, be it common features of successful workplace, cultures including open lines of communication, a clear organizational mission, careful hiring, work-life flexibility, competitive pay and benefits, success or just a lot of fun!

I started my journey with YUJ in June 2013 with some unique skills that are not easy to find.
Working with YUJ I have always had the support and guidance from the management team along with an excellent work culture.

As a company, YUJ has never been sceptic about investing towards the growth of their team or expanding their services. YUJ provides us with an open floor to setup our own workplace and comfort within the company.Every individual here acts like a strong pillar to the UX industry, YUJ being one of the firms delivering excellent UX across various domains backed with solid research and analysis, provides its employees with ample opportunities to grow as a UX Developer, UX Designer, Interaction designer & a Visual designer.

Here at YUJ, UX developers are directly involved in the UX process from the beginning of the project to understand the client requirement, design approach to make a good, consistent UI, reusable code for better performance of the website which also avoids the rework for the project. (UX decisions are made always right, Works for me 🙂 )

As a UX developer, we work on UX application projects which is ahead of UI development.
We mostly work on the components, transition part of the projects how they interact within application.

We create Prototyping in code (Fast Prototyping 🙂 ) using sketches/Wireframes direct to code (semantic code). Some time we don’t really need the actual Visual designs (Mockup’s) for the simple/consistent pages, as we create the component wise structure which are easy to use and create the pages by direct using the Wireframes.

A good UI is always hard to develop for some developers.
As they have practically zero empathy with users of their software. They have no idea how the users think, how they use the software in general.

Working closely with the UX team, will definitely make us understand the UX part of the product/project. So it makes clear that every user/developer should have at least some knowledge of UX (User experience design) to understand the user needs.

If you feel that you have what it takes to be a part of rock solid team with great passion to deliver excellence, we welcome you with open arms… reach out to us to join our ‘rock star’ team.


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