In A Nutshell

EventWatch is on-the-go mobile application that gives the event management professionals of organisations the visibility of complex multi-tier supply chain and tools for risk analysis, management and mitigation. The primary goal of this app is to help mitigate supply chain risk beforehand. Our client approached us to design user experience for the app in order to increase the user base and expand from B2B into B2C space by increasing user engagement and stickiness.

Defining the Problem

    The following drawbacks in the existing application motivated us to redesign it to create user experience:

  • The app lacked usability factors as things having minimal relevance to users were displayed, which adversely affected
  • Important event locations were missing, with no tools for instant followup with suppliers.
  • Primary information lacked direct access causing confusion. Current events were not visible in one glance unless clicked on ‘More Stories’.
  • Partners who are impacted can be known after 6 clicks with no upfront information about details of impact. Confusing and time-consuming path as well as navigation was skewed.

The major challenge that we faced was to increase user engagement and extend the user base


YUJ Designs redesigned the application into a news-centric app to attract new users and engage existing ones. To enable the users to access information easily, we arranged the hierarchy of information in the app. This app allows users to read customised news as per their interests for free though they have not registered. After registration, users can view categories like ‘War Room’ that displays occurred event that disrupted user’s supply chain; ‘Relevant’ displays that event is forecasted and might affect user’s supply chain; and ‘News’ displays general bulletins as per user’s industry.

The news are classified into New, Assessing, Mitigating and Resolved News that users can quickly look into. The redesigned application addresses core needs to the user to stay informed and updated with events while on-the-go.

Business Benefits

The revamped EventWatch application increased its value perception through:

  • Information and analytics delivering risk management and compliance
  • Crisis management solutions, including pre-crisis preparedness, monitoring events for early notification, and post event collaborative and coordinated response system.
  • Increased revenue through higher efficiency of functioning teams using the application
  • Increased user adoption as well as new customer acquisition and stickiness
  • Decreased support cost
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