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Reshaping the interaction in humans & technology

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Reshaping Ux Design

Leaders at top UX design studios would agree that changes in the society and the business world have a ripple effect on the UX design industry. UX Design is the key link between the two worlds. In order to understand the impact of new technologies on UX Design industry we need to first grasp the concept and its influence on humans & society, the world of business and HOW the role of a UX Design company would change in that scenario.

We are witnessing dramatic advances in New Technologies. The potential of these technologies to assist us in everything we do has become real. It is time for us to better prepare to achieve full scale and value from AI & Analytics, Machine Learning, Automation, AR, VR etc. Artificial Intelligence has already started penetrating areas like Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods, Advanced Electronics & Semiconductors, Healthcare Systems & Services, Insurance, Transport & Logistics, Automotive & Assembly, Public & Social Sectors etc. In a broad view this advancement is about going from a world where we are telling the machine what to do, to a world where the machine can infer things on its own.

It would not be an overstatement to say, AI is pretty much going to be a part of every other application we have around us. With the dawn of leading-edge technologies such as computer vision, conversational voice, auditory analytics these new technologies will be at the core of all organisations in the near future. There are so many possibilities. For instance, the bots: the concept of an intelligent agent who can converse with a human OR apps trying to help someone with a self-driving car, developing your service efficiencies, advancing your manufacturing capabilities, making the best of your marketing strategies, looking into your operation of the fleet. The applications range all the way from small devices to large devices, like aviation aircraft.

Captivating conversations are taking place about the effects of the rise of new technologies and its implications on humans in near future. Some theories that keep popping up are AI’s future impact on the job market. Everyone is inherently concerned about the control and presence of these technologies over private aspects of our lives. Steering clear of the myths and setting a clear approach towards understanding the potential of these technologies is necessary. To make use of these technologies to the fullest, a fundamental reorientation of the strategy is required. Aligning the aim of the technology with the aim of businesses becomes crucial to balance this equation.

The question that design leaders need to ask is, how can design serve humans better in this scenario?

We believe, Design will play a pivotal role in reshaping the way humans and technology interacts. Complementing the human centered design approach with applications and possibilities of new technologies, experiences can move from screens to the physical world. Keyboards to touchscreens, voice commands, and beyond, transforming the way we engage with machines, data, and each other. In this age of technological innovation, Data is the Currency. Utilizing the power of data and envisioning a future through the lens of design thinking we will enhance the way we experience life.

In this dynamic world, you will need to develop skills to survive and go beyond to take advantage of the changing scenario. Critical Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Decision Making, Service Orientation and Cognitive Flexibility are just a few. This trend is potentially groundbreaking. Simply put, it represents the next big technology transformation. And this transformation is already underway. With the enormous influence of artificial intelligence on business becoming increasingly clear, the executives face critical decisions on their business strategies. The impact of these decisions will have long-term implications on the success of the organizations around the world. If you are not exploring the role these new technologies will play in your company’s future, you are already late to the game. UX design companies need to step up our game and deliver better experiences for new technologies.

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