In A Nutshell

First of its kind design that enables process plants gain up to 80% productivity - tracking changes, identifying engineering anomalies and accelerate planning.

Defining The Problem

A complete innovation, this design enables engineers to capture configurations, detect change and manage data in a process plant. The engineer’s efficiency is dependent on the data visibility. Hence the user interactions and interface is designed to help the user to get to the information in multiple views - logical, physical and hardware network. The user is provided with communication mechanism like taking notes, capturing periodical data, identifying defects, sending change requests and generating reports.

This is the best product I have seen so far in HPS, in overall HPS history, which has so well taken care of overall HUE aspect. I am very much impressed with the overall user interactions, visual representations and all other features along with ease of navigations, responsiveness etc.
CTO on seeing the Trace demo
User Task Matrix

Designed the first ever Uniformance Trace application
that is drop dead simple

Dashborad Screen 1
The value proposition of this tool is digital management and micro level control of the legions of tasks that are involved in the maintenance of an energy plant.

A multi-faceted tool, this works both as an inventory and as a blueprint of the plant which helps the engineers in monitoring, auditing, updating, identifying defects faster and predicting possible breakdowns.
Through this tool the user can get a complete walk through of the configuration through graphical views of the hardware and network which shows the asset hierarchy, internal dependency and connections across the elements.

It gives the user various smart controls that allow them to re-group different assets, avoid unplanned shutdowns and reduce the management effort and documentation by 80%.
Logical view Screen 2
Words of Appreciation
YUJ Designs has provided us complete end to end UX/Design services. The quality of their deliverables was as per our global requirements. Their understanding of Honeywell User Experience (HUE) processes enables us to work seamlessly as an integral team, rather than an external consultant.  YUJ is truly our partner in design
Working with YUJ has enriched my professional experience, gave me different perspective to look at things, and acquired a strong sense of keep it simple concept which being techie, most of the time we miss
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