In A Nutshell

Traditionally in India, Kirana stores (small mom & pop stores) have been the backbone of consumer retail supply chain. The Kirana store owners are known for their business acumen and painstaking efforts to increase business by localized customer service and diligent spending.

Taikee, a mobile app, offers convenience of bulk buying, in-store inventory management, and customer relationship management. This application was redesigned by YUJ Designs to fulfill all major goals of the Kirana stores and the customers.

Defining the Problem

The current design of the application failed to meet users’ expectations evident from very few app downloads, which were far below client’s expectations. A careful analysis revealed several user-centered issues:

  • Absence of seamless workflows
  • Absence of notifications to drive call-to-action
  • Reducing task impediments involved in bulk buying of goods
  • Minimizing stress involved in managing the claims
  • Reducing efforts of managing inventory of goods
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Through a process of user-centered design thinking, we redesigned the order management and inventory management experiences for the Kirana store users that yielded user and business benefits:

Empowering Kirana store users

Kirana store users can purchase goods in bulk quantity and at a discounted rate. This is possible because now the Kirana stores would directly buy from large aggregators as opposed to middlemen from the market. A credit line from renowned banks through our client also provided an added impetus to buy in bulk. The redesigned app also provided notifications on inventory levels, and nearly automated task of buying regular goods. The revamped app makes the lives of Kirana store users easy, thereby reducing their stress.

Improved decision making

The redesigned home page displays fastest moving products with highest margins at the top. This helps improve decision making to buy in bulk as well as just-in-time buying, and to maintain low inventory. Offers on frequently bought products help keep the overall cost of buying down to a minimum. The app enables users to buy products that are heavily discounted and order regularly buying items with one click.

Design for the less tech-savvy

Since Kirana store users could come from varied backgrounds and are not very tech-savvy, we used simple language in the text that they can understand easily. Less text and more visuals facilitated them to use the application with ease.


We identified the brand attributes and redesigned an effective application by integrating brand language and consistency throughout the app, which helped in building trust and credibility for the brand. We used visual language that would resonate with Kirana store users and is appropriate for retail space. A feature allowing Kirana stores to print and label goods with their store name improved their branding and stickiness of the app.

Business Benefits

Taikee App went on to gain popularity and be profitable. As of today, Taikee is a quite successful and promising application that has increased user engagement. It helped to transform the way kirana stores do business.

After launching the new design, app exceeded its objectives:

  • Increased Trust Up arrow icon Design consistency increased trust + credibility of client’s business
  • 10,000 app downloads Within 3 months, app downloads increased from 1000 to 10,000+
  • 1.3 L / day orders In the first month, orders went up to 1.3 L
    in a day
  • 100% orders per day The next month, orders increased by 100%
    per day
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