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How Innovation & Prototyping make your product a hit

How Innovation will make your product a hit?

To be at the cutting edge of your industry domain, your organization needs to differentiate your products through innovation and prototyping. Whether it is technology innovation or business model innovation, experience is a vital component to make your innovations viral. We help create innovations that have a good mix of business, technology and experience components, thus minimizing the risk of them failing in the market. Our approach to innovation is based on user empathy showcased through rapid prototypes. We can create new innovation ideas for you or take your ideas and build them into prototypes, test them in real scenarios and bring them alive.

No matter what your product is, you can use design as a differentiator.

Approach to Innovation and Prototyping

Experience Infusion

Experience Infusion

Users don’t care about your business or the technology you use, they care about how these things impact their lives. We differentiate your product innovations by designing experiences that make people’s lives better. We bring the human perspective into innovation making it a refined user experience that can make your ideas viral.
De-risking Innovations

De-risking Innovations

Fail fast, fail often! is the mantra for incremental innovation. At YUJ Designs, we believe that a good mix of business, technology and experience components minimizes the risk of product failure. We test prototypes with real users to identify challenges, opportunities that the new ideas may face even before they go out in the market. We dabble in new-age technologies to support your innovations.
Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Time to market is critical for businesses. The time gap between new ideas to reality needs to be short. We enable that through our rapid prototyping approach. Our seasoned designers help articulate ‘fuzzy’ ideas into ‘tangible’ prototypes. These prototypes form a base for everyone to collaborate and make decisions. Our prototypes are dynamic in nature that we use to represent a problem, product or system.
Innovate and Rejuvenate Ideas

Innovate and Rejuvenate Ideas

YUJ Designs has the expertise to innovate new product ideas for your business through a systematic innovation methodology. Our approach to innovation entails trend analysis, competitive landscape analysis, elicits hidden aspirations, looks through a future lens, and considers cross-cultural, social innovation. If you have your ideas, we can quickly and effectively bring those ideas to life through design and rapid prototyping.
innovation and prototyping - MaxLife case study

Our Biggest Hits

Max Life

Implementation of Innovation & Prototyping to empower life advisors through responsive web application.


What do our experts say?

The magic of design thinking

Design thinking is a creative problem solving approach with specific tools, methods and mindset. Designers use it to create new values that are different to create a positive impact. By practicing it correctly, it leads to innovation.


Top 5 reasons why google+ failed

Several businesses might have created prototypes, interfaces, development and even deployed it in market, but still they failed. Why this happened? Where did it go wrong? The answer lies in this video.


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