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Humanize Technology with Serious UX

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Humanize technology with Serious UX

Technology is a major driving force in helping a business succeed. In a world where every other company is offering similar products, businesses sought Technology as their differentiator.

Technology as the business differentiator, Today

The interaction between the businesses and consumers has changed over the last two decades. Technology has ruled as the influencing force behind company’s success for quite sometime. Today, the technology is available to everyone throughout the world.

The consumers have become more tech-savvy and their expectations and demands have grown too. The way consumers communicate with the business is changing, about 60% prefer the digital mode of communication. Customers seek comfort in the knowledge that the businesses are making smart use of technology to improve their experience.

Though every year or two years, an upgraded version of the technology being offered is launched making it difficult for organizations to keep up with the customers’ demands of the newest technology in the market.

In such times, businesses need to seek strategies to add value in their customers’ lives differently. It is all about finding out what the customers want and will appreciate in these uncertain times. The key for businesses to differentiate themselves today – lies in the Experience they deliver. This is where Design comes into play.

Here are some of the ways in which serious UX can help technology with business differentiation for a competitive edge above the competitors:

  • Focusing on how products transform the lives of users and create individual or organizational benefits.
  • Anticipate customer and/or user experience throughout their journey, and design for a better impact.

UX and Technology handshake is the way forward

The future of businesses is into implementing advanced tech solutions for a better and competitive product. The experiences these products deliver will decide the rate of adoption among the users. And to help facilitate that, designing these experiences to marry both business and user goals, serious UX is going to be most crucial.

Any product – be it a digital communication tool or a software product, it is designed for the human users. Thus, translating the benefits of the technology for these users or humanizing the technology becomes important.

It isn’t just about making the technology look, feel and sound human. But, the user should feel more secure, more engaged and therefore more willing to buy, in a more efficient way. This holds true even for advanced technologies like – voice UI, gesture controls, AI and VR.

Technology is evolving to add value in the lives of users, based on some fundamental motivations –

  • Making daily activities and functions more efficient, increasing the users’ productivity, saving time and effort
  • Enhance the health and well being of users
  • Helping people and society communicate, facilitating faster exchange of ideas and collaboration worldwide

How will Serious UX help businesses humanize technology?

When designing for advanced tech, IoT enabled products and applications for a higher impact – one needs to deliver ubiquitous connectivity and seamless experiences, personalized experiences, and simplified user journeys.

1. Serious UX can help the technology be more inclusive

The pace at which the technology is advancing is way more than the pace at which human needs are transforming. The availability of technology worldwide means a diverse set of users. A larger range that may include tech-savvy users as well as tech novices.

Serious UX helps one understand the behavior patterns, needs, expectations of these users in details. Through a deep user research, one can identify these aspects and design in a universal language that would engage all of the users adding value in their lives.

Eliciting and identifying the right data insights can help the businesses deliver differentiating experiences with the advanced technology. With the help of serious UX products can become more inclusive rather than cater to a handful of users. With this approach, businesses will be able to seek answers to questions such as – will the product benefit all users? What can be the unintended consequences of the product in future? How will the product impact on cultural, social and organizational scales?

2. Serious UX can make the technology simple

Very often advanced technology ends up being too complex to be understood by the users. Serious UX makes the technology usable for the end-users. After all technology is supposed to make our lives easier and simpler. It can prevent advanced technology from creating more complexities for the users to increase the user adoption.

Through serious UX one can elicit the users’ perception, needs and expectations from the technology. This helps the designer to understand how to integrate human-oriented communication in the products.

3. Serious UX can deliver convenience

Very often advanced technology products overwhelm the user with multiple possibilities. The user expects a product that would prove to be more convenient. Most of the times, businesses consider the convenience of operations, systems, integration, and overlook the convenience of the consumers.

This affects the users and they end up being affected by all the incomprehensible information and cognitive overload. Serious UX helps products deliver quick, easy and more relevant experiences to the users.

As both technology and information have emerged as digital drivers of businesses in the recent decades, and in the post-COVID world digital transformations have become the need of the hour – designing for advanced technology – anticipatory design, design for AI, design for IoT-enabled products etc. have been on the rise.

Let’s learn in depth about how serious UX can deliver world-class experiences for IoT based applications and products.
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