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How to be the Best Recruit

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Best Recruit

YUJ Designs is a global UX design studio working with clients from the world over. We believe we are as good as the talent solving the client’s problems. In order to do that, we handpick the talent and work with them to hone their skills in order to facilitate their growth. We believe our success lies in the success of our own employees first. We have articulated some of the basics that new employees should have in their artillery when joining YUJ.

Before we dive into the list, it is a given for candidates to ensure that the portfolio goes beyond UI mocks/screenshots. It should elaborate on how they have approached the solution by applying the UCD methodology. We discuss activities that the candidates ran, artifacts they create, their design management philosophy, processes applied, and last but not least the business results they have achieved. Variety across industries and Interface types become a definite advantage.

To be a part of our design teams an education background in designing is a must, with a strong foundation. We look for people who can pay close attention to details. They are business-ready from day one and can contribute to the company’s growth from the initial stages.

Culture & Behavioral Fitment

When a new employee joins YUJ, it is essential for the person to align to the values which YUJ Designs endorse. Setting up an example by means of work as well as by their extraordinary skill/s and unique personality feature. Excel at your craft and encourage others to become the same.

Impact by Design (ROI)

Our designers create a big impact on the customers’ businesses and for the end-users as well. They help them generate millions and billions of dollars as their revenue. Each designer is an asset to our organization. We take care of our employee’s growth just the same.

Alignment with Business Needs

From day one of every project, we expect that each of our employees is aligned with the goals of that particular engagement. They are clear about the mission and vision of the customers. For every project you take up, you should work towards adding more value to the project.

Design Thinking

We follow design-thinking ideology – Empathize, Define the problem, Ideate, Prototype, and Test. Our design solutions are human-centric. Our designs are aesthetically good and also help users achieve their purpose. We root for designers who are cognitive thinkers.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the most desirable skill set for a designer. Sorting through the data, using it in the correct direction makes a lot of difference. Critical thinking is goal-oriented. Without a goal, it is just overthinking.

Critical Thinking = 1. Observation 2. Analysis 3. Synthesis

Innovative Thinking

Ideas that are a combination of inspiration and passion for design, can solve clients’ problems in a unique way. We expect to see at least one example of an innovative solution in the candidate’s portfolio. We always look for the next generation designers within an individual.

Fast-paced Work

Our designers work simultaneously on 4 to 5 projects. They are multi-taskers. Every day our designers do new things on projects without any repetition of work. They learn every day from each experience they go through. Thus, they sail in the sea which is full of opportunities & great learning, insights.


We work with Fortune 500 clients. The ability to lead hi-end complex large-scale B2B/enterprise-level projects is a must. Having the ability to resolve frustrations of users’ daily lives. The designer should have an undying passion for making a difference through their designs.

Hunger for Growth

Having the correct growth mindset comes in handy. We believe in the never-give-up attitude. We provide a clear career growth path to all employees, who are equally passionate about self-growth and the company’s growth.

Interpersonal and Collaborative Skills

We want our designers to be good in analytics, to be empathetic and excellent observers. They should be a good listener primarily. A believer in the power of many, as a larger impact is only achieved through collaboration. Collaboration with internal stakeholders and customers.

Apart from all of these skills and capabilities, understanding her/ his role and contribution towards the team is essential. If you are such an individual or are willing to become one, then always remember this journey of a thousand miles starts with a small step. Connect with us, we enjoy discussing all things design.

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  • Hello Team,
    Hope everyone is safe and healthy.
    I am a Masters student from NID. I was looking through this article ‘Looking for Best Recruit’. I am fascinated by the clarity and in-depth descriptions and expectations expressed in the blog. I am working on a project that is concerned about the challenges faced with recruitment.
    I like the methodical approach taken and it will be of great help if I can connect with someone from the Talent Acquisition team.

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