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How to achieve Work – Life Balance

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What was called work-a-holism back in the day has now become – finding your purpose and going all-in to achieve it. The competition has become severe. In UX design studios as well, people are working long hours to make the customers happy, to climb up the ladder in the company. These ambitions often result in increasing work demands, commitments. Though, in the long run, this immense load of work and the expectations start becoming a burden. Setting and keeping boundaries in professional and personal lives has become challenging for everyone, from a beginner to a leader. Work-Life balance has become a real struggle at any stage in life.

Whenever an obstacle occurs one falls back on the values they believe in, to gain the much needed strength and a clear direction to move forward. YUJ Designs has formulated 9 core values that form the foundation of the company’s culture. Striking a balance between work and life, is one of them. We believe, work and life are two wheels of an individual’s being. If we are passionate about what we do we shouldn’t need a break from doing what we love. People are never truly happy with work when they don’t care for their work. Life at YUJ, often gets busy. And in order to stay on top of our game, we do take creative breaks. We make time to do the things we love, even at work. Here are some ways you can achieve work life balance in –

1. Set your priorities right

Despite our obsession with moving forward in the world faster, the overall productivity growth rates have become stagnant. At the same time, the stress levels are going up. We are producing more and more productivity tools and yet have less results to show for it. The ‘doing more to get more things done’ attitude isn’t proving useful. Instead, managing the tasks according to the priorities each day and targeting on the completion has worked better. This also helps the person focus delivering high-quality projects. So, ‘Working smartly to achieve more’ attitude should be encouraged.

2. Find a routine that fits

Set your own reasonable boundaries and try to keep up with those. It is quite possible for a person to let his/ her limiting beliefs such as – feelings of obligation, guilt get in the way of respecting these boundaries. Find a routine that works best for you and stick to it. Keeping time for work priorities is as important as keeping time for rejuvenating yourself, keeping yourself fit to be able to deliver creative and productive solutions. Take this opportunity to model a healthy behavior. One that influences good change around you as well.

3. Aim for efficiency

When working in a team, see to it that the work is distributed evenly. Otherwise this easily leads to burnout. This has a domino effect on the individual’s performance which has a bigger impact on the team performance and morale. Managing work in reasonably timed deadlines provides learning opportunities to everyone inspiring everyone to aim for efficiency and excellence.

These small steps towards managing work in a better manner, have a larger impact on helping people to achieve work – life balance in a holistic way. Define what success means to you and aim for it with a nurtured – happy mindset. Mindset over matter is the new mantra!

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