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How product companies can become resilient with Serious UX

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Resilient with Serious UX

Serious UX has proven to be a great strategic tool for product companies irrespective of their size. YUJ Designs has been serving as a design consultant across a wide range of domains. Whether a company is building a standalone digital product experience or a digitally connected physical product experience, Serious UX can deliver success and make business sense.

High-impact with Serious UX

Through Serious UX, we help businesses de-risk their products and launch at the right time. Our user-centered methodology and UX consulting yields the results that the product companies are looking for. We help businesses gain competitive advantage by a thorough understanding of their products’ users. The users’ psyche, their goals, the business goals, and technological feasibility contribute in gaining optimal results while designing product experience design.

Delivering Differentiating Experiences

Users care about how products impact their lives, more than which technology is used to achieve that. We differentiate the product experience to make people’s lives better. Throughout all associations with our clients, we aim to humanize the experience for the end-users.

At YUJ Designs, we believe that a good mix of business, technology and experience components minimizes the risk of product failure. We test the prototypes of proposed designs with real users to identify opportunities, challenges that the new ideas may face even before they go out in the market. These tests help fix the problems, better align designs to the customer needs and preferences, creating confidence in the minds of product owners.

We understand that time to market is critical for businesses. Through our UX consulting services, we ensure keeping the time gap between new ideas to reality short with the rapid prototyping approach. We practice lean UX from research to translating ideas into tangible designs.

Serious UX for Business Continuity

Product companies should invest in UX design, rather than looking at it as a mere cost. This approach will guarantee the delivery of better products, happier customers, and reduced operational costs. All of these factors build up the company’s competitive advantage, helping the business survive through uncertain times.

Serious UX for Business Resiliency

A design-mature product company that intrinsically delivers customer-centric products, will fare better than the competition even in a downturn. Through the practice of serious UX, these businesses have already lowered operational costs, and have delivered products that are more relevant to the customers’ current needs.

The product companies may have faced a dip in these difficult times, but they can realign their products with the current demands in lesser time.

Let’s take a look at one such case study


An automobile industry leader

Website Redesign:

e-commerce portal for automotive spare parts

An e-commerce platform for the retailers, fleet owners, government institutes & individual owners to buy all kinds of spare parts for commercial vehicles. The website strives to increase direct revenue sales for the business and reduce dependency on current 3rd party physical sales channels for spares.


Even today, there is a lot of dependancy on current third party sales channels for auto spare parts. The customers are highly dependant on distributors for identifying and sourcing the products. The e-commerce portal is a platform for the company to sell aftermarket products and genuine parts to the end-customers directly.

Design Goal:

The user experience of the platform needed to be user-friendly and engaging. The workflows needed to be intuitive, and the registration process to be quick and easy for the users. Enhancing the end-users’ experience was the primary goal of the redesign.

Design goal image

Business Insights + User Research:

Understanding the business from the stakeholders and gaining knowledge of the domain is a crucial step in setting the path to further research. We performed user research across 14 states, with customers and distributors, understanding these user personas, their needs and purchase patterns. These personas varied from fleet owners, managers to purchase managers, store in-charge, supervisors and proprietors. We gathered insights from interviews with all of them.

Based on these insights, we categorized the portal into – a customer portal and a distributor portal. The portal is not only a place to source required products from, but also used for identifying the products. Here are some of the requirements drawn from the research that led to the detailed designs –

  • Assistance in identifying products, parts
  • Traceability of orders and informed order placement depending on estimated dispatch and delivery date
  • Convenience to place repeat orders to enable rapid ordering of bulk quantities and streamlined management of large order quantities, returns, exchanges etc of multiple SKUs
  • Interactions that are easy and quick to find the correct part through minimum required input
  • Providing a single point of negotiation between customers and company
  • Easy all-in-one order management (requisition, dispatch, completion, refunds, replacements)
  • Search behavior: Users were searching for products in numerous ways, namely –
  • – By registration numbers
  • – By past orders
  • – By manually entering numbered codes
  • – By using colloquial terms

Data-driven design direction:

Users of the portal had admitted to searching for required products being the most painful function. We worked towards making the search smarter among other strategic decisions. By improving this function, we ensured the users will find the right product with optimal information to complete the purchase.

We included helpful interactions, and modified user tasks such as to include –

  • Recommended products, fast consumables for a swift and more accurate decision making for the user.
  • In a similar manner, we executed the data-driven changes across the product. The end result was a unified experience for a multi-user portal.
  • Reflect transparency and fairness through options and alternatives. The user should get the satisfaction of informed purchase.

Users’ Experience of the Redesigned Portal:

The users found the redesigned portal much more helpful. Here are some of the words of appreciation shared by the customers –

  • The redefined search feature is groundbreaking and attractive, resulting in more accurate and faster results to the queries of end-users.
  • Access to a larger database keeps the end-users informed, and assists them in making the right purchase.
  • Access to tracking orders, lending users visibility into the status of their order. The revamped e-commerce UX is increasing the end-users’ productivity by providing efficient solution.
  • The experience communicating clear authenticity of all genuine auto-parts, increasing the customer’s trust in the company. This led to higher percentage of customer retention.

The business is re-aligning efforts with the help of serious UX and is offering an enhanced product impacting the lives of their customers for the better. The UX consulting helped our customer in making the product more relevant to the end-customer, and resilient.

With Serious UX companies can offer faster solutions, striking a balance between what is ideal from the point of view of customer experience at the same time what proves to be beneficial to the business.

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