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5 Habits of Design Evangelists

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YUJ Designs organizes a touch-base call for employees – UX designers, developers, support teams etc. from all locations, to share ideas experiences and talk about the work they’re doing. It is an open dialogue to stimulate design thinking and an exponential mindset. On one such Friday call, we discussed what it means being a Design Evangelist in detail. The overall discussion in particular, caused us to reflect more deeply afterwards on what it means to be a design evangelist.

This can be a difficult concept to understand, mistakenly charged with superiority and arrogance, appearing hypocritical and condescending when in fact one is simply trying to help non-designers comprehend and support need for good design. As a designer, all of us are naturally an evangelist of all things design! Let’s dig and learn more about what they are like.

They Advocate for Design

A design evangelist is a spokesperson and a mediator for design. They defend the cause of design to both the internal stakeholders of a company as well as the outside world. They help others realize and celebrate the incredible growth that can become a reality with the consistent efforts of good design.

They Profess Design Education

Educating others on what design is and why it matters. Just like a strong professor helping design-immature persons to learn, understand and appreciate design. There is an absolute need to educate in a helpful, altruistic manner. Educating design means being a guide and mentor to advise, cultivate the urge to explore and inspire others more. A design evangelist educates people from all walks of life. These can be design enthusiasts, colleagues, people from various professions or even clients.

They Volunteer

A design evangelist is a selfless-volunteer 24×7. Collaborating with others to build upon the understanding she/ he helps establish. Help others cultivate design thinking as a positive habit in their worlds. Offer to facilitate discussions, brainstorm, help conclude, hand-hold follow-ups. An indispensable source for growth and facilitating human creativity and innovation in various fields.

They Inspire to Grow

As you cannot inspire, unless you are inspired yourself – evangelists by nature are best at inspiring others. Inspiring people is a whole-person effort, that requires traits like humility, passion and positivity. Leading by example, learning about their story and experiences, makes it easier for others to feel motivated by them.

They Provide Sustenance

Design evangelists essentially empower others. In a way, they are true leaders. The sustenance of design, goes much further than educating and inspiring others to embrace design. Empowering others and providing an ecosystem to prosper in is what drives individual accountability. It drives independent thinking in the long run. As a design evangelist one builds an environment that encourages sharing-learning of knowledge, collaboration, challenging the status quo and exponential growth above all.

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