In A Nutshell

A complete design overhaul for an online marketplace of ethnic clothing and accessories that positioned the company at a global level and captured the international user base.

Defining The Problem

An E-Commerce website that specialises in the niche fashion segment of ethnic clothing, East Essence approached us with one all-inclusive goal; to give them an international presence and increase the conversion rate of their users.

An endeavour that celebrates the culture of modest yet fashionable clothing, this e-commerce website curates new designs that draw inspiration from the various traditional outlooks of different middle-eastern countries. In spite of their regional product category they deliver globally and offer customizations in sizes and design.

East Essence Desktop
East Essence Mobile

In the initial research phase we learnt that the easy customization of clothes, free delivery across the globe and the amalgamation of designs from different middle eastern countries are the USP’s of this website. Be it the Moroccan embroidery, Arabian Abayas, Turkish skirt- dresses or Indian Ikkat print, customers will find a rendition of all these and much more in their hybrid collection.

In spite of having varied product offerings the overall purchase and conversation rate was quite low. This was due to an outdated design that lacked intuitive information architecture, current UI trends and an international appearance.

Their target user group is largely from the US, UK, France and 68 other countries, and the users can be described as tech savvy, online shoppers between the age of 18-40 years. Given this user persona, the usability of the website, visual design and overall online shopping experience would be key contributors towards attracting new users and maintaining customer loyalty.

East Essence Mac

While re-designing their website, the first focal point was re-categorisation of products to increase their visibility and enhance the ease of looking for a product. Followed by culling the clutter on the website by removing unnecessary visual elements, adding pictures with a context to cater to the international audience and removing the perception of East Essence being a website that only delivers in the middle east. The overall visual strategy was aimed at placing East Essence as a global brand and not a regional supplier.

The core value delivered was streamlining the flow of the website to lessen the drop rates and increase the conversion rates, provide an international appearance to the brand, and depict East Essence as a fashion label for modest ethnic clothing.

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