UX Behind Global Success

A new flawless and intuitive banking application experience was crafted for DataMate - a flagship product of DataVision Software Solutions to create its global presence which will help it to captivate an international audience. Its primary goal is to help the banking professionals to perform their internal banking operations efficiently. The design strategy included a coherent and well-organised concept design that helped to increase the user experience of the product by the bankers.

Motivation behind revamping

An initial review revealed that the core banking application needed critical attention in terms of how information was presented and accessed by users. For instance, most modules were listed one after the another and ungrouped. This not only affected the scanability and discoverability of critical information but had a negative impact on brand perception.

Approach of Co-creation

Our approach to design solution was to begin by understanding the client’s business goal, vision for the market and critical success factors. Through series of walk-through, brain-storming and co-creation sessions we arrived at a conceptual model to layout all user activities, steps, and functions that are standard and logical — not only for the users but different end-client scenarios.

The concept then was backed up by a strong visual design strategy that became the foundation to standardise components, page types, guidelines for elements within a page and overall white-label-ing of the product.

Return on Investment

The end result was a visually appealing and delightful experience for the end users. List of modules was grouped, labeled and accessed through a persistent navigation model. The redesign initiative brought huge efficiency and brought down the number of clicks and time spent by users to complete their work by up to 20%. This had an impact on the indirect cost of training the users as well.

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