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In A Nutshell

Enjoying events is a fun experience, but registering for it or reserving place in a club is a long and frustrating process. So in order to offer seamless user experience to the senior members and admin of the Boca West Club, we redesigned a website, member portal, web app, native app and admin app. Since the users are senior members of the club, the primary goal was to provide a better engagement service, easy and quicker access to information as well as convenience in using technology.

Defining the Problem

The entire current system lacked a good design that offers user experience to both, members and admin. The users did not have easy access to information regarding charges and statements.

To register for an event / reservation or lookup for confirmation, users had to access multiple screens. Admin was unable to manage member directory, events, forms/templates, announcements, emails and modify the static content all over the portal.


YUJ Designs understood the entire scenario and frustrations of the users. So, to facilitate hassle-free reservations and registrations for events, we designed a dynamic website, member portal, native app, web app and admin app with consistent layout. The features of these products are:

  • These products have quicker accessibility to important and most desired information.
  • There is better clarity and clear visibility of text, which is important for the users considering their age.
  • Group related objects are introduced in order to avoid jumping back and forth to perform a single task.
  • Clear and distinct variation in colors, usage of minimum colors on a single screen, and clear contrast between text and background are some of the features we added for them.
  • In short, we tried to keep the design high-end, yet simple and intuitive.
  • There is better clarity and clear visibility of text, which is important for the users considering their age.
  • Since users are the senior citizens, minimum steps and clicks are required to complete a task and repeated data entry is avoided. The users receive instant response and updates.
Business Benefits
  • The new design offers user experience to the elderly that resulted in increasing conversions.
  • These products increased the customer retention, customer satisfaction and improved customer engagement.
  • These also helped in reducing administration cost and improved cross-marketing.

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