In A Nutshell

A wearable device designed for children between the age group of 3-10 years, this project was focused on user research and visual design for a physical object. Understanding the behavioral patterns of the user group and drawing insights on the qualities of a product that grabs their attention was the core value delivered.

Defining The Problem

Ensuring the safety of their children is the top most concern that parents deal with on a daily basis. ChildAngel is a watch designed to assist parents in tracking their children’s whereabouts by setting up a safety perimeter around them therefore whenever the child goes beyond that area the parents are notified through the application on their mobile phones.

Given the age of the target user group is 3-10, the design challenge was to create concepts for the look & feel that would grab their attention and make the watch a sought after accessory that they would like to wear throughout the day.


The user research phase of this project played a pivotal role in setting the tone for the design and final product that was delivered. To begin with the children were divided into two sub-categories based on their age; 3 – 6 years and 7 – 10 years.

A user study that was focused on understanding their emotional behavioral patterns, pace of learning and development, forms and colors that attract them helped in carving a user persona for each age group. The insights from this study served as design triggers for the final concepts.

Web & Mobile UX
Web & Mobile UX
Age 3 – 6

Bright colors, basic shapes and forms that mirror real world objects like cars and dolls catch the eye of children between the age group of 3 – 6 years. Imitation, absorption of the happenings of the real world and solving basic puzzles that compare shapes, sizes and colors are the activities that keep them occupied.

Drawing from these insights, the concepts designed for children in this age group emulate real world objects, surfaces like sand and clay. Using cartoon imagery the children are given the feel of idolizing their favorite characters. The watch designed for them tells a quick visual story through basic shapes and contrasting colors with some educational element embedded in it.

Age 7 – 10

As the children grow up their perceptions change and absorption power grows. Detailed graphics, more abstract elements attract them as they can interpret these with their own imagination.

The notion of collecting real world objects, toys or figurines is also observed and the children in this age group have a more mature set of motor skills. Gender differences start emerging and they take interest in different activities like reading and writing. They have specific opinions and a better understanding of right and wrong and their memory is sharper.

A design that mirrors realistic aspirations, uses motifs to convey a story that inspires them entices this age group.

Web & Mobile UX
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