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Experience design for The Reality or The Matrix?

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Many billionaires now think that we are indeed living in a matrix like world – a computer simulation of sorts, and everything is being managed by the simulation. Some have even secretly funded programs to find out if this is true.

Lets imagine for a moment that’s the truth!

As designers, are we then contributing to the experience of the reality or adding a layer of fictitious experience to help the simulations? How are we contributing to the human experience?

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Our behaviors are indeed getting shaped by the virtual world- be it socializing online, connecting and communicating with people at a distance, or accessing information about the most cryptic of things within nano-seconds. We are trying to ease out the experiences apparently by shaping these monsters to suit the human limitations, but wait! Are we really doing that? Or are we playing into the hands of the simulation? New OS, change the way you interact. New devices, consume information in a certain manner. New tool, change the way you work. Human life- at work or otherwise is now being constrained by these agents of the simulation. If we really are designing for user/customer (read human) experience then humanizing the experience should be our goal.

What gives immense pleasure, value in a long term? An experience that we remember? Aren’t all businesses trying to get a mindshare of the customers for a long term? The stories we listened to as a child from our grandmothers, or the way we used to interact with our school buddies, talking to them for hours together and forgetting the world around us. We still ‘remember’ those experiences; value that laughter, those relationships, don’t we? And how many remember that FB post they liked a few days ago? Or even remember their last tweet?

So the next time you start a design project, ask your self- am I designing for the human experience or the matrix experience?

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