Consulting approach

Consulting approach to your business challenges

The journey to UX Design maturity is a step-wise process from being AWARE to INVESTED to ENGAGED. The real benefit of UX starts when it is EMBEDDED within your organization. Our workshops and education are designed to guide you through this journey for all cohorts at all levels. Whether it’s a program for Product Owners and Engineers, or Top management, our tailored workshops ensure the desired outcomes that can be measured over time.

One cannot design an experience, but be ready to design for an experience.

How you can benefit from workshops?

Learn From UX Practitioners

Learn from UX Practitioners

Since a decade, we have been working with a variety of industries solving a broad range of problems. This has built our expertise in applying core concepts of UX to multiple industries and domains. Workshops with us will provide you with the knowledge and skills to solve UX challenges in your business. Our style is one of coaching rather than teaching.

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

Workshops are good starting point to understand the basic principles of UX. But it is equally important to apply these principles in a real setting. We guide and mentor you on how to apply these basic principles to real projects through followup sessions post our workshop.
Learn From UX Practitioners

Workshops for All

Our workshops are designed to guide you through UX journey for all cohorts at all levels. Everyone from product owners to engineers to top management will gain the measurable desired outcomes from our tailored workshops.
Learn From UX Practitioners

Internal competency building

At YUJ, we believe that competency of your UX organization is necessary to have a sustained impact on your products’ user experience. Competency building happens over time - one cannot take a 10-day course and become an expert. Our approach to UX education is practice based, experiential, and sustained coaching.
Learn From UX Practitioners

Become UX Mature

We will educate you on the step-wise process from being AWARE to INVESTED to ENGAGED. You will leave the workshops knowing the entire process of UX, why to invest in UX and how to embed it within your organization.


  • Human-Centered Design Training and Application
  • Design Thinking for Business Innovation
  • Design for Digital Transformation
  • Agile User Experience
  • Design for Advanced Technologies
  • Visual Design, Design for Production

What do our experts say?

A Designer’s Guide

Every UX designer knows the joys and frustrations of explaining what she or he does to people who do not have a background to UX design.


Why do you need UX workshop?

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If you want, we can conduct customized UX workshop for your team. We invite you to discuss your latest product challenge with us.

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