Strategy Services

Our strategic consulting services enable organizations gain competitive advantage through user experience (UX) strategies that impact their product and business success. We understand our customer’s organizational strategies to build a complementary and customized UX vision and roadmap.

UX Teams Setup

At YUJ Designs, we believe that holistic User Experience is the next differentiator for software products. Forward-thinking organizations realize the value of having a full-fledged User Experience practice within. YUJ Designs helps such organizations build their User Experience (UX) teams to gain the first-movers advantage in globally competitive markets.

What is involved? First and foremost- management and executive commitment! Usually there is one (or more, but few) evangelist trying to champion the UX cause in an organization. We partner with that person to further propagate the cause- even helping in convincing top management. We help our customers in a variety of ways- from writing job descriptions of designers, to determining benchmark salaries, to helping on pilot projects that showcase the value of UX. We work out a detailed plan and carry that out in part or entirely, evaluating and adjusting as we go.

Our consultants bring in the unique expertise of playing multiple roles at various stages of setting up a UX practice, essential to the success of a new team setup. They can successfully step into the role of a thought leader, project manager, UX strategist, and practitioner as and when needed. This, together with our ability to network effectively for UX resourcing makes this a unique and successful offering.

Applicable to: startups as well as mature product companies and development centers

Global Teams

Global teaming and effective virtual collaboration are a part of today’s business. This particular issue has warranted a substantial chunk of the senior manager’s mind-share. Though the global collaboration problem is not unique to UX designers, the subjective-objective problem space of design makes it challenging. YUJ Designs helps customers prepare for an environment that is ready for UX global teams to operate seamlessly. We uncover existing and potential readiness gaps through a global team readiness review. The unique perspectives obtained through this step help organizations define, design and implement processes that are suitable for the global teaming.

Our team brings in loads of global teaming experience with many of them having worked with (and within) multi-cultural, multi-country, globally distributed teams. Our strategists are well known for their stand on this subject and are speakers at national and international conferences. To strengthen our global footprint, we have a seamless network of industry experts and thought leaders situated globally.

Applicable to: designer-designer global teams, designer-developer global teams, manager-designer global teams.

UX Business Strategy

Many organizations have the vision to setup up a UX practice. If the practice remains as an organizational investment (cost center) without a solid business strategy, then eventually the cost burden outweighs the benefits, and the advantages are lost. We believe that a UX practice is successful only if it makes business sense. We help organizations build a UX strategy that enables this function to prove its benefits and importance based on the management mantras of profits and ROI.

Our consultants conduct an in-depth analysis of your UX eco-system so as to understand the current strategies and business models. A top-down approach is used in order to determine the metrics that are used to measure project, product and business success, and a plan is put in place to improve on these metrics.

YUJ Designs consultants are trained scientifically to run a customized metrics-driven program that would enable organizations assess the true value of their UX practice. This unique offering enables customer’s measure and tune their existing practices for higher efficiency and effectiveness levels.

Applicable to: new or mature UX setups.

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