Design-Thinking Approach to Your Business Challenges

Every organization deals with challenges and looks to resolve them by turning them into opportunities. 'Design Thinking', a problem solving tool, is the way a designer scientifically approaches a problem to offer innovative solutions. You can rely on us for a range of objectives such as improving business process efficiencies, envisioning future products or services, task analysis and redesign, or simply end-to-end system redesign.

By applying processes and methods of user-centeredness, businesses can de-risk their UX journey.

Design Consulting to Boost Your Business

Improving Business Process Efficiencies

Improving Business Process Efficiencies

The backbone of higher productivity is an efficient business process. Using an empathetic research approach and observational studies, we will draw out opportunities for improving current processes and new processes to cater to the ever changing needs of business.

Systems Design 360

Systems Design

A proper integration of man, machine and the environment actively improves a system’s performance. Our holistic approach of balancing inputs and outputs, appropriate function allocation, designs for human capabilities, and environmental demands, makes the system design robust. The outcome of a system's design effort is a system with reduced errors, increased productivity, and enhanced desirable human values.

Service Design 360

Service Design

We help large organizations envision, define, and activate complex operational strategies. Our unique approach combines thinking service first, hands-on visual thinking, co-creation, and people-centered design techniques to design new services or improve existing services.

Relying on our expertise in empathetic research, we analyze customer touchpoint experiences and draw out insights that help create innovations in service design. We can help improve service experiences for sales, customer service, on-boarding, loyalty programs, payments that will strengthen your brand, improve efficiency and reduce the redundancies.

Envisioning Future Products/Services

Envisioning Future Products/Services

Most often tomorrow’s product and service ideas are driven by a few senior executives weighing in on ideas - an inside-out approach. Our specific scenario-based futuristic approach informs ideas through an outside-in approach.

We use our copyrighted future methodology that combines techniques of customer and user experience to draw out practical ideas that would work in the near future and long-term future.

Design consulting - value research case study

Our Biggest Hits

Value Research

Crafted an investment experience through Design 360 that exudes trust and enables investors in making informed decisions.

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